Responsible tourism

Camping Santo Stefano is committed to promoting a tourism that is both responsible and environmentally friendly, and that respects the local environment, economy and community, aware as we are that this has now become an absolute necessity.

Responsible behaviour involves in the first place our facility, but also the tourists who undertake the trip and the businesses that provide the services connected to it. We are talking to tourists who have in their DNA a vision of a holiday marked by respect for and discovery of the environment. Tourists who understand that nature must be preserved and who take the opportunity during their holiday to discover the local food and wine, handicrafts, folkloristic traditions, local plant species and fauna.

At Camping Santo Stefano we carry out a careful recycling program where collection points are clearly marked and an explanation provided of how to sort rubbish to achieve the best recycling outcome.

We are totally against pets being abandoned and we happily welcome guests who choose to spend their holidays with their four-legged friends (of small and medium size).

A system of signs within the grounds seeks to make our guests more aware of the importance of protecting the environment.

Camping Santo Stefano is located in a fragile and beautiful ecosystem made up of beaches, sea, cliffs, hills and forests. We are sure that you will help us to preserve and protect this oasis of wellbeing.

The 2024 season of Camping Santo Stefano begins On April 24!

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