These regulations are not intended to be an exhaustive list.

The invitation that we offer to guests is to spend their time in our facility with peace of mind and in a holiday mood, with the aim of a happy and civilised coexistence. So we invite guests to read and respect this small, but necessary, list of rules.

  1. In order to enter the camping ground, authorisation by management and the corresponding registration required by law are compulsory. Admission is permitted in the advertised hours; for further information regarding entry, day guests and visits to the facility please consult the tariff section of this site and/or contact the camping ground management by phone.

  2. The rates, which are on display at Reception, apply from the time of the guest’s arrival until 11:00am of the following day.

  3. Occupancy of a tent or caravan site is subject to authorisation by management.

  4. Parking of vehicles is allowed in the spaces indicated by management which may, according to needs, ask you to park in another space.

  5. Quiet is required from 00:00am to 7:00am and from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. From 10:30pm to 7:00am and from 1:30pm to 4:00pm motor vehicles may not be driven inside the grounds; setting up tents, caravans and/or campers is not allowed; watching television is accepted but only with the volume turned down. We also ask for your courtesy in keeping the noise down during the day.

  6. Guests will be required to take care of their own property; management is not responsible for any theft or damage except for any objects entrusted to it for which a receipt has been issued.

  7. The MAXIMUM vehicle speed limit inside the tourist complex is 10 km/h. The management reserves the right to indicate the parking place for the vehicles.

  8. It is compulsory to respect the vegetation, hygiene and cleanliness of the camping site.

  9. It is prohibited to light fires or wood or coal stoves on camping sites or on the beach. Anyone who breaks this rule is committing a crime. It is recommended that care be taken in putting out matches or cigarettes. The breaking of these rules, which in any event constitutes a serious risk to people and property, as well as breaking the law, will lead to removal from the camping ground.

  10. Electric connection is only allowed for lighting and refrigerators; it must be carried out using a plug that has a suitable earth connection. Connection to the mains socket must be done by an employee of the camping ground.

  11. It is forbidden to dispose of waste water, of any type or of any origin, anywhere other than at the appropriate collection points which are located inside the camping ground and identified as such (this procedure is compulsory for the discharge of sewage from caravans and campers). Guests are asked to be scrupulous in observing the rules for recycling rubbish in the containers provided at the recycling points.

Management reserves the right to remove from the grounds, as an unwanted guest and without prior warning, anyone who does not observe these rules and/or who engages in behaviour which damages the harmony and the spirit of the establishment.

  1. The tariffs include:

    • The amount is considered for four people;

    • Use of the equipped living unit and related comforts and accessories;

    • Consumption of water, electricity and gas;

    • Use of the air conditioning (or heating) and fire system;

    • The first supply of sheets, blankets, pillowcases and pillows;

    • Final cleaning;

    • The parking for nr. 1 car;

    • Free WI-FI.

  2. The tariffs DO NOT include:

    • Tourist tax of € 1.00 per person per day (from 12 years old upwards);

    • Towels: on request € 6.00 per change.

  3. The acceptance is scheduled from 08.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.00.

    The use of the housing is guaranteed starting at 17.00. We recommend to plan your trip in such a way that you do not arrive before the time of acceptance.

  4. The booking request has to be accepted online. It will be confirmed, with acceptance of the availability, after the payment of a security deposit equal to 30% of the total amount, within 3 days from the acceptance of the reservation request.

  5. The guest who renounces the reservation in entitled to be reimbursed of security deposit only after written communication (indicate the IBAN coordinates to proceed with the bank transfer) to the following mails ( or The email must be sent at least 30 days before the day preceeding the arrival date, indicated in the reservation).

    The guest who renounces the booking with written cancellation notice, sent from the 29th day to the 15th day preceding the arrival date (indicated in the booking) will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the security deposit amount paid. The remaining 50%, with a minimum of € 100.00, will be retained as a penalty.

    The guest who renounces the booking with written communication sent in the 14 days prior to the arrival date indicated in the reservation or who does not use the booking, will not be entitled to receive any refund. The Camping will retain the deposit paid as penalty.

  6. The amount, for the entire period booked and not used, must be paid even in cases of delayed arrivals or early departures.

  7. The Camping management reserves the right to re-let the accommodation if it is not occupied within 2 days of the expected arrival date.

  8. Payment must be made upon arrival.

  9. The confirmation of the booking implies the acceptance both of the General Conditions and of the Regulations.

  10. More people than expected (respect of the reservation) are forbidden.

  11. Animals are not allowed inside the housing units.

  12. Guest is responsible of any damage caused to the living unit and its furnishings.

  1. Management provides every dog-owner with a roll of biodegradable bags for the collection of their dog’s droppings free of charge (minimum stay of 5 days).

  2. At check-in dogs must have the relevant health card or European passport showing up-to-date vaccinations to show to management. Dogs must always be kept on a leash or tied up at the owner's site and, in the case of aggressive dogs, they must be fitted with a muzzle; any violation of this rule may lead to expulsion from the camping ground.

  3. Dogs must be accompanied outside the camping ground to attend to their needs which must be collected using an appropriate bag. Animals may not be taken into the toilets or the bar.

  4. It is totally forbidden to give a dog a shower inside the toilets or inside the showers situated near the beach. Dog owners must make every effort to ensure that their animal does not encroach onto other people’s sites or accommodation. Furthermore, dog owners are responsible for any damage caused by their animals to persons and/or property. Entry onto the grounds by animals must always be authorised by management.

  5. Dogs identified as dangerous or reported as such may be, at the discretion of management, removed from the grounds.

Opening 21th April 2023

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